Original service information only from Aqua-Clara-Metropolitan.

If you come in to the store, the takeout will be discounted for ¥1,050/bottle (w/o tax)

Visiting the shop and takeout a bottle, usually 12 liter-bottle is ¥1,300/bottle (w/o tax) will be discounted for ¥1,050 (w/o tax) and 7 litter-bottle ¥1,000 (w/o tax) will be ¥850 (w/o tax). These purchases are quite advantageous.

Convenient 3 days a week delivery

Komae-shi(including Seijo・Kitami),Shibya-ku,Minato-ku,Shinagawa-ku,Nakano-ku,Nerima-ku,Meguro-ku,Ota-ku,Chofu-shi

Komae-shi(including Seijo・Kitami),Suginami-ku,Setagaya-ku,Inagi-shi,Kawasaki-shi,Tama-ku

The seal (point) service

Collect 13 original seals as one set, you can exchange with a valued gift.
・13 seals : 1 bottle of water or 2 bags of Nestle potion.
・26 seals : Ticket for 2 water bottles or Yume-Shizuku rice (5kg) from Saga-Prefecture
・39 seals : Ticket for 3 water bottles or variety package (rice, toilet-paper etc)
・65 seals : Ticket for 6 water bottles or Nationwide merchandise coupon worth of ¥7,000.

※This can't be used jointly with other services

Expertised delivery service

The day you make an order before 12:00, a delivery will be made on the same day.
(* The delivery time can not be specified. And there will be the same day delivery charge of ¥150 per bottle)

Silver service

Age over 65 could order from one bottle, and also 7 liter bottle discount service.

In addition, we will deliver any bulky products with the ordered water.

The Rice「Yume-shizuku from Saga-Prefecture」5kg, 「Fusa-Otome from Chiba-Prefecture」5kg, Nepi-Nepi Toilet paper (double layer)18 rolls, Scotty flower box tissues 5 box per pack.

Advantage of introducing a new customer

When you introduce a new customer, you and the new customer will be given 2 bottles and Rice 5kg! So hurry introduce a new customer to us please!
*The contents of Introduction Campaign might be changed depending on the season so please contact us for further detail.

The time of bottle delivery can be specified

9:00~13:00, 12:00~16:00, 15:00~18:00, 18:00~20:00. *18:00~20:00
(limited to certain area at night, and ¥500 (w/o tax) night time delivery charge will be applied.)
Of-course if you are not home, it can be left at the designated place.

Aqua Clara service informations

Aqua Clara’s convenient method of use

For disaster stockpiling, cooking, when you go out with my bottle or when going out, you can also drink alcohol, ice, milk for children, sports, sudden visitors

There is no order norm for the moon.

You cloud order with your own pace. The order should be from 2 bottles and as many as you want.

When you sign up for My Aqua !

Easy access from cell phone, smart phone, personal computer to order.And you can check your usage history at My Aqua.

Abundant server lineup.

You can choose from the standard type to the latest server.

When the trouble occurred, we could support a trouble shoot on the same day.

Even if any chance, a trouble occurred, the same day we will deal with a trouble if it is 9:00~18:00 from Monday to Saturday.
So Aqua Clara is trusted.